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Where Do Your Profits Come From?

Your profits come from three main income areas:
  • From listing fees for travel services.
  • From the sale of advertising space.
  • From a shopping mall and e-commerce centre.

Listing Fees For Online Profitable Business
At present each portal site allows 3 chargeable listing sections, these income streams area split into the following: Accommodation : Restaurants : Shops.

How do the listings work? Simple. Using the software that we provide, you start an opt-in* email marketing campaign targeted at the businesses listed above. You might start, for example, by emailing hotels and guest houses.

When a business receives one of your opt-in emails, the business owner/manager simply clicks on a link that takes him or her directly through a simple, step-by-step process to set up their customised advertisement. The customer can choose between various display types.

A Standard advertisement allows a good, basic advertisement to be set up. A Display advertisement allows for more descriptive text and photographs than the Standard, at higher cost. A Premium option allows even more information to be entered and this would attract an even higher fee. When complete, the customer pays by credit card and the advertisement is uploaded to the web site immediately and automatically. Examples of Standard, Display and Premium ads are shown on the right hand side of this page. Click on any one of them to enlarge.

You can set the fee rates and the renewal dates to any figure that you like. This means that you can enjoy repeat business from your customers every year as they renew their subscriptions. If you are operating a country where VAT or TAX applies, the web site automatically tracks this for you and produces the necessary reports. It also enables both you and your customers to offer transactions in any one of three currencies.

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