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Managing your site


As the site owner, you are also the authorised Site Administrator with access to the facilities for customising the site. This allows you to amend the content of the Destination Guide, set the annual advertising prices and renewal dates for the three different categories of advertisement in each of the Accommodation, Shops, Restaurants and Events sections. You also have access to the 'Back Office' system that incorporates a database showing you all your customer details, payment status, renewal dates, etc.
To demonstrate just how easy it is to customise the site, have a look at how to edit the Destination Guides (below). Customising the other areas such a setting prices etc are just as easy.

Destination Guide

To customise the content of the Destination Guides you simply log in as site administrator and you are then free to edit the content of any page, add or delete pages as you wish. You do this simply by clicking on the relevant page in a 'Windows Explorer-like' display as shown below:

Once logged in, not only can you change and add to what is already there but you can create new pages and sub pages: You can build your Destination Guide by adding new regions and towns and you can also add sub-pages for each of them!! i.e. You can add a sub folder to 'Orange County' and create sub menus within that page.

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