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Each WTP site comes with up to 1,000 pages of content and graphics providing useful information concerning the area that you have chosen. All sites are Travel Websites For Sale. Destination Guides for every country over the world is listed in the WTP sites. for every country over the world is listed in the WTP sites. It is a well proven fact that the quality and extent of content is a key factor that encourages people to visit your site time and time again, thus developing that all-important traffic volume.

The amount of content will vary depending upon which country site you purchase. You will appreciate that as we have accumulated content concerning just about every country in the world it is impossible for us to keep it absolutely up to date. However, this is not a problem because when you have bought the site for a particular country you can amend, delete or add to the information in any way you wish*, even adding or deleting pictures. You can even add or delete as many pages as you like.

All content is automatically indexed and categorised in an 'easy to navigate' folder as shown below: The highlighted town name (in this case Berkeley, San Francisco) in the drop-down box on the right hand side is the actual town whose content is displayed.

* We expect all our customers to observe our code of professionalism, decency and honesty as regards content and we reserve the right to insist that the customer removes any material that we consider to be offensive or indecent. In extreme cases, we may deactivate the site until the customer has amended the material in keeping with this policy.

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