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When you purchase the site for a region you get much more than a sophisticated web site and superb support. You also get a powerful, but easy to use, Email Marketing Software package - free. This enables you to broadcast marketing emails to everyone on your opt-in lists. You may set up any number of lists, each one focused on a particular market or client sector (e.g.) shops, restaurants, accommodation providers etc..

The system also manages 'unsubscribe' requests, amending your emailing list accordingly.

We provide you with examples of effective and proven marketing emails that we have used successfully ourselves. Click here to see a sample.

Another powerful marketing aid comes free with the site. We list you with up to 15 of the top search engines ensuring that you have top ranking for an unlimited number of search phrases and search words. We do this through Google Adwords. We pay the initial setup fee for you then you simply pay a small monthly fee of an amount that you choose in order to retain your ranking position. The amount you pay is based on how many people click on your ad, which will appear in the search engine top page for the search phrase chosen. You set the maximum monthly spend, which can be changed at any time, so you have complete control. This means that people will find your site(s) easily. If you prefer not to have the facility, you don't need to, but we recommend it strongly as a very cost-effective marketing tool.

Don't forget to add your existing contacts and customers to your opt-in email lists if appropriate.

Your promotion need not be limited to the Internet. Indeed you can use conventional media advertising as well.

Note: Email is a very effective and virtually free means of marketing via the Internet. You will need to be aware of the new laws concerning email marketing that have come into force in the USA, Europe and elsewhere in order to avoid 'spamming'. Provided that you are aware of these, and that you focus your emails at businesses within your target markets, and work on an 'opt-in' basis, there should be no problem. We can advise you and provide appropriate advice.

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