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Income Projections

How Do You Make Money?

Your profits come from four main income areas:

Banner Advertisements:
Content rich sites with high visitor rates, Aguide2 sites are the ideal platform to vend feature and banner advertisements. All sites come with this inbuilt system and we can also assist to deliver paid advertisements to your site from day one, giving you an IMMEDITIATE guaranteed income*.

Accommodation, Restaurant and Shop Listings
These three main listing income zones are a key revenue source for the site, dependant primarily on accommodation listing displays. All are completely have automated systems that allow travel providers to upload and display high quality advertisements and listings for 12 months having full access to amend anytime.

Holiday listings
As system to offer chargeable displays of holiday deals for defined time periods, again totally automated.

The e-shop allows you to source and sell travel books, guides and in fact any product at all. A business in its own right, the e-shop section is again fully incorporated in each portal site; it is a complete online store solution that contains both a catalogue front-end and an administration tool backend.

Profits Summary & Income Projections

With multiple income streams, marketing support and revenue delivered by WTP's immediately it is amazing how quickly you can recover your outlay. Have a look at the Online Income Projection Calculator below:


Income Zones Monthly Units Average
Annual Takings
Banner / Feature Advertising
Accommodation, Restaurants & Shop Listings
Holiday Listings
E-Shopping Centre
Annual Income Projection  


Sites will vary in their ability to generate income for each revenue area listed above.

The above acts as a guide only and is not guaranteed.

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